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Hello! I'm Della Duran, and I'd like to be your newest Huerfano County Commissioner! 

I believe in a strong and unified Huerfano County. Together with you, I would like to:

• Develop affordable housing
• Enhance economic development
• Improve county infrastructure
• Protect county lands and water
• Safeguard resident health and safety
• Build a strong workforce

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Huerfano is Worth Working Hard For!

I am a native-born Huerfano County resident from two pioneer families that settled here in the 1800s.  I am a registered nurse, businesswoman, former Huerfano County Coroner and served on many boards and committees in the community. I am running for office because I feel Huerfano County deserves a commissioner who will vigorously represent them. I am the only candidate that can take Huerfano into the future.


Want to volunteer?

Della can't win without your support! We are always asking for volunteers to:

• Make phone calls for Della
• Put up yard signs or banners



Together we can strengthen Huerfano!

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